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  1. [Day Two] Sleep Thieves - The Physical Thieves Of Sleep #soundsleepweek



    Hello again & welcome to-day 2 of Sound Sleep Week 

    On Sunday's live stream I mentioned that there 3 things parents need to know to help their little ones become sound sleepers they were:

    1. To understand that the ability to sleep through the night independently is a skill to be nurtured.

  2. SATC pic


    Naps! Tricky for some a breeze for others but for those of us who find sort naps tough to solve, I have no qualms in using every trick (safety being paramount of course) in the book to help mums find ways of nailing naps.

     Getting your little one down for naps can be tough, perhaps due to daylight and busyness that comes with it being the day an all. If your little ones already overtired getting them down to sleep at any time can be tough but during the day it's Just that much harder. Even if you get them down to sleep, your little cat nappers eyes just seem to  pop open out of nowhere after 30 min and no matter