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  1. Separation Anxiety & Sleep ( or the lack of it!)

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    Separation Anxiety and Sleep ( or the lack of it!)

    Many mums ask me about separation anxiety and know and expect it to rear its ugly head at the 9 month mark causing crying clinginess crankiness and sometimes sleepless nights. A lot of mums don't realise that separation anxiety, while difficult to deal with in the short term ,  is a good thing and that it can rear its head during the toddler years too sometimes having an even  bigger impact on sleep ( or the lack there of) 

  2. [Day Five] The Sleep Thieves - Intellectual Thieves of Sleep Part Deux

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    [Day Five] Intellectual Thieves of Sleep




    Hello & welcome to Day Five of Sound sleep week


    Today we will cover a bit more of the intellectual thieves of sleep

    Yesterday we looked at personality and temperament types of our little ones and how certains types respond in various situations including sleep.

  3. Happy Talking Talking - I talk to babies!!

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    Happy Talkin!

    I talk to babies. Especially the babies I get to care for overnight. I talked all day long with 11 babies every day when I ran a baby unit and I still do it now. I do it because I like to put myself in the  shoes of the baby i’m caring for and treat them how I would like to be treated. 


    When I'm working with a group of mums  I often say to them “tell your baby what's going on let them know what's up!! Wouldn't you want someone to grant you the same courtesy?”