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  1. Happy Talking Talking - I talk to babies!!

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    Happy Talkin!

    I talk to babies. Especially the babies I get to care for overnight. I talked all day long with 11 babies every day when I ran a baby unit and I still do it now. I do it because I like to put myself in the  shoes of the baby i’m caring for and treat them how I would like to be treated. 


    When I'm working with a group of mums  I often say to them “tell your baby what's going on let them know what's up!! Wouldn't you want someone to grant you the same courtesy?” 

  2. VLOG: How to Stop Your Newborn Sleeping All Day & Feeding All Night

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    A question I'm often asked, Heres how to switch the days and nights around with your newborn.

    Are struggling with how your baby or toddler is sleeping right now? Are  you scratching your head in dismay at  your little ones current sleep habits? You can teach your little one to sleep through the night WITHOUT using harsh sleep training methods. Don't struggle on your own. I can help you get the sleep both you and your little one need. Get in touch. email me, tweet me or find me on Facebook. You don't have to struggle with sleep deprivation on your own. 

    Charmaine x