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We Are Hosting Sound Sleep Week & You Are Cordially Invited!!

We are hosting Sound Sleep Week next week March the 12th - 18th RIGHT HERE on & on our Facebook page and I want to invite you and as many mums as possible to join us.

What Exactly is Sound Sleep Week? 


Sound Sleep Week Is a fun project i'm running here & on Our Facebook Page.


My intention is to have a fun week of giveaways, free trainings and support for sleep deprived mothers of babies & toddlers.
We all know that sleep deprivation is a standard feature of early parenting, however no one ever really understands the effects of sleep deprivation until we are in the thick of it. It's isolating, crippling and takes its toll on our emotions.
I will be sharing information that will help you understand whats normal in terms of how babies and toddlers' sleep, help you solve sleep struggles and share some tips and techniques i have learnt over the years to help you & your little ones ( who knows something you learn this week could help you get your little one finally sleeping through the night!)


To kick off the week you have the opportunity to win a share of the £975 worth of sleep products & courses we are giving away  to the  mums who join us during the week.
* 4 lucky mums will win a free sleep class to download keep and watch for life!! (valued at £20


* 3 lucky mums will win  a 1 hour 1-2-1 sleep session (valued at £99 each)


* 2 lucky mums will win access to The Soundly Sleeping Club for 1 year (valued at £299 each)


To be in with a chance of winning and to join us for the week  click the link here to enter your email.
I'll email you when Sound sleep Week begins so you can join us for our daily trainings, presentations and fun activities


Prize winners will be announced on Thurs 16th March 2017
Charmaine Walters is a mum, night nanny, Former early years educator and creator of The Soundly Sleeping Club, an online group programme that teaches sleep deprived mums about the norms of infant sleep & how to help their babies & toddlers become sound sleepers without using harsh and traditional sleep training methods. The doors to the programme are currently closed until April 2017