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  1. Dear Amazing Mum.......

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    Dear Amazing Mum
    I know you probably don't feel amazing right now and you're probably wondering why your little one isn't sleeping as much as you'd like or they need.
    I bet you're exhausted, fed up, maybe even emotional and wondering what you're doing wrong?
    Can I show you how you can teach  your little one to love bedtime and sleeping?
    I've worked with  babies overnight for 16 years now and I've learnt a good few tricks that can help them adore bedtime and rest.  
    And I'd like to share with you one of those tricks today.
    I can show you why your little one might fight sleep sometimes and what you can do about it.
    And it's all in a calm gentle and nurturing way that not only fosters an amazing relationship with sleep but also strengthens the bond between the two of you.
    My methods are simple but effective. And  with my support I can help you feel like yourself again and feel confident and empowered in your role as a mum.
    Just like every other skill your baby will eventually learn, the ability to be able to sleep independently is unique to each child but with an understanding of their nature and some love and nurturing from you i can help you influence & improve just how well your little one goes to sleeps.
    Would you like to know more ?
    Well babies and toddlers learn quickly through repetition.  Thats why you hear a lot about the importance of routines in your babies day.
    And if you have no routines in place at all right now the very first routine you can and should put into place is a bedtime routine.
    What you do in the hour before your baby goes to bed can be crucial in how easily they fall asleep and whether they stay asleep.
    Having a simple but effective bedtime routine can make the transition from being awake to fall asleep a quick and easy one.
    Spending 2 plus hours every evening getting your baby to sleep or battling with a toddler isn't practical or easy on either of you.
    I created A video class just for you to help make bedtimes a breeze.
    My class Before You Lay Me Down To Sleep. Will show you how to create a routine to do before bed that your little one will love.
    And in a matter of days you'll have your little one in bed, asleep in less than an hour so you can put your feet up and relax till the morning (or the next feed.)
    In this short but info packed class
    You’ll learn:
    • What a bedtime routine is and why having an effective one in place is your best tool against sleep deprivation.
    • How having a routine in place can actually boost your mood as well as help your baby fall asleep with ease.
    • How to create a bedtime routine your baby or toddler will love and actually look forward to.
    • widely known but often overlooked tips to success.
    You'll know exactly how to help your baby or toddler unwind and relax and nod off
    Plus as a gift to you.
    For this week only I'll also give my Keeping A Diary class completely free.
    This class previously been unavailable for sale or download.
    Keeping a diary is the key to solving any sleep problems your baby may be having and in this bonus class i show you how to keep a diary and how your babies behaviour is actually communicating to you what the cause of sleep resistance is.

    If you’d like a copy of this instant download video class you can buy it now for the amazing special offer of  £4.99 this week only
    (After which the bonus class and this class will go up in price)
    Click the link (pic) below to make your payment, and receive a link to download your classes to your laptop, smartphone or tablet instantly.
    twitter post
    Hurry this offer isn't hanging around for long!
    And remember I don't leave you to figure things out on your own you can always join my Facebook community to meet other sleep deprived parents and tag and ask me questions too.
    Click here to join my Facebook group
  2. Does Rocking or Cuddling To Sleep Cause Sleep Problems?

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    sleep problems

    The general consensus with most sleep experts is that rocking your baby to sleep will eventually become a crutch for your baby. Meaning that anytime they wake you will always have to rock or cuddle your baby in order to get them back to sleep.

    Well I’m writing this to give MY opinion on the whole rocking to sleep issue.

    Rocking or cuddling your little one to sleep is not going to cause sleep problems and is definitely not the reason why your little one isn’t sleeping. Some experts say that if you cuddle or rock your baby to sleep then you’ll always have to do so, it will become a “bad” habit or a crutch. That’s not 100 percent true but it’s not a lie either. Some little ones, depending on the individual personality

  3. Sleep Training for adults? SoundCloud podcast.

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  4. Breaking The Habit Class Replay

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    Finally the replay for the Breaking The Habit Free sleep class i gave on Monday is ready!

    If your are fed up with having to rock your toddler off to sleep or feed your baby everytime they wake up overnight, then this is the class for  you.

    In my class i share with you tips on how to make sure your baby is getting adequate milk in a 24 hour period. I  also share how your childs sensory preference could be the key to finding and creating new sleep associations, how your childs personality can affect they way they sleep and i share my 4 step process to breaking the rocking to sleep/ feeding to sleep habits that no longer suits you as a parent or supports your babys ability to sleep independantly.


    Theres over 90 mins of information that i share inthis class and it FREE!

    click the pic to watch the replay



    Watch the class right through to the end to take advantage the early bird price forthe Breaking The Habit Pilot Scheme.


    Hurry the replay is only up for 48 hours