[Vlog] Why I've neglected my blog & Does sleep training even work though

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Hey Mamas & Papas

I'm about half way through reading this awesome book, by Sarah Ockwell Smith. I'll be talking about something in this book that annoyed me......But you have to watch the video to find out what that is.



I've had a blog in progress for the last 3 days but what with everything going on finding time to sit and finish typing it is just not happening.  So i shot a little video. 

I talk about my latest offline project and also about a really good book i'm about half way through right now written by one of my favourite bloggers Sarah Ockwell- Smith and my thoughts on whether sleep training actually works.


I'm also asking for help from you guys on what i can do to serve you better.

Go watch the video, please comment and let me know your thoughts and share with your friends on FB and Twitter and get them to tell me there thoughts also!!


Until next time Sleep soundly!!!