Breaking The Habit Class Replay

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Finally the replay for the Breaking The Habit Free sleep class i gave on Monday is ready!

If your are fed up with having to rock your toddler off to sleep or feed your baby everytime they wake up overnight, then this is the class for  you.

In my class i share with you tips on how to make sure your baby is getting adequate milk in a 24 hour period. I  also share how your childs sensory preference could be the key to finding and creating new sleep associations, how your childs personality can affect they way they sleep and i share my 4 step process to breaking the rocking to sleep/ feeding to sleep habits that no longer suits you as a parent or supports your babys ability to sleep independantly.


Theres over 90 mins of information that i share inthis class and it FREE!

click the pic to watch the replay



Watch the class right through to the end to take advantage the early bird price forthe Breaking The Habit Pilot Scheme.


Hurry the replay is only up for 48 hours