Read This If You Would Like Some Help and Support To Improve How Your Baby or Toddler Is Sleeping?

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Read this if you Would like some help and support to improve how your baby or toddler is sleeping?



Is feeling more confident as a mum,and connected with your baby or toddler but also getting more sleep a priority for you and your family.


Have you been struggling to manage your little ones unpredictable sleep habits for a while and starting to feel exhausted overwhelmed and a little (or a lot) inadequate?

Why not join us in The Soundly Sleeping Club.

The Soundly Sleeping Club is my online group program designed for mums just like you.

I created the club to support, empower  amazing but tired mums like yourself and share with you the norms of infant sleep and development & how you can teach your little one to be amazing little sleeper.


You’ll feel confident, empowered, supported hopefully well rested & less tired and most importantly you’ll have  a stronger connection with your little one.

⚫️You might have a cat napper who sleeps for 30/45  mins and wakes up.


⚫️Or a bedtime battler who resists sleeps then passes out and wakes up at the crack of dawn raring to go


⚫️Or you may have a little one whom you know is terribly tired yet struggles and fights sleep and wakes up frequently overnight unhappy but just can't or won't sleep.


⚫️Or perhaps you have a little one who sleeps soundly in bed with you but refuses to sleep happily anywhere else. And you want your bed back!!


Soundly Sleeping Club members who sign up This April will receive: 

  • Have 1 years access to TSSC website where you will have access to on demand video classes and tutorials on sleep and development. So you can solve sleep struggles now, know what to expect as your little one gets older and have access to tools to support you  if you encounter more sleep issues later as your baby or toddler gros and develops (valued at £500)

  • 6 weeks of daily access to me . I will support and encourage you, answer your questions and point you  in the right direction of how to improve your little ones sleep habits. (valued at £600)

  • 3   live online sleep clinics & group Q & A session where you can ask me all the questions you want about your unique situation. All live clinics are recorded and uploaded to the club website so you can watch and repeat whenever you want.

  • 2 1-2-1 calls up  with me. 2 sessions where you & i can have a private chat about your situation. This session can be for me to help you tweak and improve your sleep solution, ask me questions about your unique situation in private, bounce around ideas you may have to help your little one improve how they sleep or even an hour to just vent, cry and whinge about how tired you may be.  I’m here to listen to you & support you, as i know just how crippling sleep deprivation can be.  i don’t judge or criticise you or tell you you’ve made a rod for your own back. I won’t tell you to just  leave your little one to cry or to ignore the needs of your little one or to just wait til they are older to make changes. I know how it feels to feel completely inadequate and out of your depth as a mum because your just so tired and not sure what to do for the best.

  • Lifetime access to  private facebook group so you can talk with and get to know other mums just like yourself. Sometimes it can feel like you’re the only mum in the world struggling to get your baby to sleep. You are NEVER just struggling by yourself in The Soundly Sleeping Club. Allow us to remove the isolation that can come with sleep


We get started with the 6 weeks of live support on 24th April but you have access to all club website & resources as soon as you sign up.


There is information & on demand classes on:
* Frequent night waking & night weaning
* Kids who catnap
* Teaching your little one how to self settle to sleep
* How to figure out why your little one struggles to get to sleep
* Over-tiredness in your baby
* Emotions & sleep
* 4 month sleep regression
* 9 month sleep regression
* Bedtime routines
* Nursing to sleep
* Intellectual development & sleep

*developmental milestones and leaps

And more….. on top of that new content is added to the club all the time, if there’s a topic you need help with let me know and i’ll create a class to help you.


And it's ALL online so you can take part from anywhere in the world, at any time, whenever suits you!!

Sound like something you'd like to get involved with?

If so send me a message or comment below, let's talk

We can chat via email or i can give you a quick call. You can tell me what you're struggling with sleep wise and i can tell you how joining the soundly sleeping club may benefit you.


I only have space for a maximum 20 mums. I much prefer to work in smaller groups so i can get to know you and give you the help and support you need


There is a small investment required from you with payment options to help you budget and spread the cost if need be. And there's 50% off for mums who sign up before Friday this week!!


Just Imagine! In 6 weeks from now you could be feeling much more confident, forge a stronger connection  with your baby and even have your little one  sleeping through night.


Wouldn’t that feel amazing?


Let’s get you more sleep!!


Message  me now or email me here



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