If your toddler or preschooler has started or is still waking overnight or fighting sleep, (especially since lockdown) you're not alone!

There is information about baby sleep EVERYWHERE, but very little information on toddler sleep and how to get it consistently.

At the begining of the global pandemic I noticed a shift . my inbox was filling up with questions & enquiries from mums of toddlers & preschoolers struggling with sleep. 

Most of these lovely mothers felt they had done something wrong or somehow caused the sleep issue to creep in because they'd been :

"Too soft with boundaries"

"Letting their little ones join them in the parental bed"

" had been lazy and not sleep trained when she was a baby...."

These were the words of the mums who were emailing me, and it broke my heart to think to think all these mums were blaming themselves for their little ones difficulty sleeping. When really it wasn't their fault at all.  

I need to let you know ( if you have ever thought  or felt anything like the above or similar) that your toddler's difficulty with sleep is NOT because you didn't sleep train,  its not because you allowed your toddler to sleep in your bed. Its not your fault at all!

Toddlers struggling with sleep is more common than parents realise. The good news is that you solve your toddlers sleep issues very quickly when you know what's causing the sleep resistance and how to make changes to get your little one sleeping  that  work.

You can help your toddler sleep better  without tears, stress and upset.


To help with the questions & queries around their toddlers & preschoolers sleep habits, I taught an online  class on Sleep for Toddlers. I taught that class in May of this year, but every single month I had more & more requests to teach the class again.

I collected some feedback from the attendees to see how i could make it better and more supportive for toddler parents, i got this response. 

" This workshop was  good,  but I'm exhausted, my brain is mush. I feel like I need some kind of ongoing support as well as the information to implement. If I was getting this info as i'm making the changes i'd feel a  lot more confident" 

With this is mind i decided to take my 2 and half hour toddler sleep workshop & create a 4 week toddler sleep support and worskhop series. The My Soundly Sleeping Toddler 4 Week Programme has been created for sleep deprived mums and dads of little ones 12 months and older struggling with sleep overnight and at nap time. 

Solving toddlers sleep struggles needn't involve tears or scary sleep training. 

When parents know and understand the things that can make sleep a challenge for their toddlers. Solving toddler sleep struggles can be simple and tear & stress-free!! 

I created this 4 week programme to help mums:

☑️Create and optimise habits that facilitate healthy sleep.

☑️I’ll be supporting and empowering you as you develop tools & strategies to help your little one learn to sleep independently 

☑️ I will support you in building security and trust through predictably and consistency 

☑️ encourage & foster love, attachment & connection whilst ensuring good sleep habits with intention & respectful boundary setting

☑️Keeping you on track and helping you stay accountable when the sleep deprivation kicks in or the going gets rough. 

☑️ Not only will sleep improve but you'll find managing tantrums, emotional outburts and misbehaviour easier to diffuse. 


We get started the week beginning 3rd Feb 2021 will you be joining us? Scroll to the bottom and click sign up now to get involved.

Whats involved in The My Soundly Sleeping Toddler Programme?

☑️4 weekly online live workshops via zoom where i'll be sharing sleep solutions answering questions and supporting you with sleep  ( Don't worry if you cant attend a workshop live,  all classes are recorded with replays accessible in a members-only online hub.)

☑️ Simple easy to do homework in between  each workshop to bring you ever closer to your sleep goals. Every week your toddlers sleep will get better and better!

☑️A support group on WhatsApp for added support, accountability and comradery between workshops. Get quick questions answered and gain support when your confidence or resolve is waning.

☑️cheatsheets, downloadable resources and tools to help you get clear on the sleep resistance triggers at play and create a plan that works quickly. 

You’ll have access to the content and resources for life so you can always refer back and revisit the content in the future if you ever need a refresher or your toddler sleep hits a blip!

Here’s an overview of the topics  & information we'll cover:

In week 1 

🔴 normal infant sleep for toddlers and preschoolers- what science says 

  •  How to identify reasons for sleep resistance. 
  •  sleep inhibition triggers- what makes sleep difficult for toddlers and preschoolers. 
  •  Quick fixes/wins for sleep in toddlers
  •  Self-care & sourcing support - 

In week 2

🟢Physical sleep inhibition triggers

  • Overtiredness/Overstimulation & dysregulation. 
  • Naps & daytime sleep. 
  •  Creating your daily routine and rhythm.
  •  Bedtime routine- what to include massage, books, time for connection, bed. 


In week 3

🔴 Emotional & Cognitive sleep resistance triggers

  • Emotion coaching/confidence building/patience stretching 
  •  Separation anxiety 
  •  Learning and development milestones
  •  The myth of manipulation & self soothing 
  •  Filling the love tank and attachment & connection. 
  •  Sleep strategies for anxious toddlers & preschoolers      

In week 4 

🟢External Sleep Inhibition triggers

  •  Preparing for changes 
  •  Arrival of sibling 
  •   Going to school/nursery/nanny/Mum going back to work 
  •   Revisiting self care for moms
  •   overview of strategies 
  •   Reviewing our sleep plans so far. 
  • Charting progress

All techniques methods and strategies taught in class are gentle,evidence-based, respectful of age and stage of development but most importantly they work!!!

 Taught by  a mum, VIP Night Nanny & sleep coach and early years educator with over 22 years experience supporting  families overnight with gentle sleep techniques that work well.


We Get Started Feb 3rd 2021 - Join Us & Get Your Little One Sleeping Happily Every Night With Ease!

The investment for this 4-week program/workshop is £139 

Feel like you'll need additinal support with your little ones sleep? Want  1-2-1 sessions with me in addition to the 4-week program?  

 I’ve added the option to have 2x private  Zoom sessions with me after weeks 2 & 4.

This adds an additional layer of support and my eyes & ears directly on your personal situation in a private online setting. 

This add on plus the 4-week program is a total of £219

A one-off consultation call with me is £99 per hour 

2 weeks of support and a personal plan from me costs £300 so the joining this program without the add on provided is excellent value and support. Imagine how well things will progress with your little one’s sleep when you have the information AND the support of an expert in your corner!!!

Click the button below to sign up for this amazing and info packed programme. 

I can't wait to get your household sleeping again!