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  1. You have to admire the persistence of this twins' mum......... or the twins persistence!!

    This time lapse video recorded by Henriette Jonassen will have you in stitches!!!

    Henriette Jonassen, a Norwegian mum of almost-3-year-old twins Leon and Nathaniel, deserves a medal for not giving up when dealing with her twins. It doesnt get dark till 10pm in her native sweden so she tried out an experts advice (can say who's it wasnt mine!)

    This video is hilarious and no doubt many mums have felt like this at some point or other at bedtime, with their kids!!

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  2. It was my birthday Last Thursday! I was looking back on my career over the years and reflecting. I’ve been working in early years ever since I left Sixth Form College more years ago than I care to admit. My work with babies began nearly 15 years now as a night nanny and even though I've not had much sleep over the years I've loved every moment of it.

    I love love love working with babies!! I love how small they are when they are first born, their smell,