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  1. [Day Five] Intellectual Thieves of Sleep




    Hello & welcome to Day Five of Sound sleep week


    Today we will cover a bit more of the intellectual thieves of sleep

    Yesterday we looked at personality and temperament types of our little ones and how certains types respond in various situations including sleep.

  2. [Day Four] The Sleep Thieves - Intellectual Thieves of Sleep


    Hello lovely mums

    Welcome to day four of Sound Sleep Week

    Over the last 3 days we’ve talked about journaling and awareness of your situation. And how looking at behaviour and activity and asking questions can help you find the cause of your little one's struggles Sleep wise. 

  3. [Day Two] Sleep Thieves - The Physical Thieves Of Sleep #soundsleepweek



    Hello again & welcome to-day 2 of Sound Sleep Week 

    On Sunday's live stream I mentioned that there 3 things parents need to know to help their little ones become sound sleepers they were:

    1. To understand that the ability to sleep through the night independently is a skill to be nurtured.