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  1. [Day Seven] Analysing Your Journal

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    [Day Seven] Analysing Your Journal 

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    Hello Lovely mums and dads

    Day Seven is here already and im hoping by now, after following 7 days of #soundsleepweek you have a better understanding of the thiings that can cause our little ones to fight sleep.


    Today im going to get you to look back over the last 7 days of your journal. Look at everything you've written down and also now remember as well. What have you noticed about how your baby eats, sleeps, feeds and plays. You probably realise you

  2. [Day Two] The Sleep Thieves - Physical Thieves of Sleep

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    [Day Two] Sleep Thieves - The Physical Thieves Of Sleep #soundsleepweek



    Hello again & welcome to-day 2 of Sound Sleep Week 

    On Sunday's live stream I mentioned that there 3 things parents need to know to help their little ones become sound sleepers they were:

    1. To understand that the ability to sleep through the night independently is a skill to be nurtured.

  3. Facebook Live Stream - Overtiredness & How To Avoid It VLOG

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