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  1. I Don't Care About Sleep But What I Do Care About Is.........

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    I Don't Care About Sleep, But What I Do Care About Is.........


    An acquaintance  asked me the other day why I'm so passionate and obsessed with sleep. And it made me realise something….. I actually don't care about sleep all the much ( unless im at home and unable to nod off that is) But what i do care about is being a confident and connected mum. Being a mother  is the hardest most demanding  job in the world yet so rewarding but going to work on a job with no sleep and n real idea what to do is no fun, being a new mum  for many is  exactly that. Going to work at a new job without any training or experience  and no sleep  whatsoever on top of that. We all know we are not at our best without much sleep, imagine having to perform at a job with no training and no sleep. Welcome to motherhood!! 

  2. Drowsy But Awake? A letter of love for a tired mum.

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    Drowsy But Awake-


    Dear tired mum. 

    If  the way your baby or toddler is sleeping right now is getting too much, i want you to know that i understand.

    It’s not going to last forever but perhaps the thought of carrying on like this for another night is all too much.

    I’m a mum too and although my daughter is now a teenager i work nights as a night nanny so i understand how sleep deprivation feels even now. 

    I can’t speak for you but for me not only am i tired i’m also feel overwhelmed emotional and have even been known to burst into tears

  3. Facebook Live Stream - Overtiredness & How To Avoid It VLOG

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  4. It's Not Your Fault! (if they're not sleeping through just yet)

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    I have a joke I share with a colleague of mine that I don’t just sleep train babies I sleep train parents too!

    I train them to realise that if they little one isn’t sleeping through the night consistently…It isn’t their fault. It’s not that anything is wrong.  It’s not that anything they do to help them sleep is wrong, their baby isn’t ill or has some secret syndrome that prevents them from needing as much sleep as their friends babies. It’s not because their little ones enjoy being awake and screaming at 3am (in fact they probably want to sleep as much as their parents do). It’s not because you rock them to sleep on occasion or because you missed they’re quiet window yesterday afternoon, or even because you’re inconsistent with your routine  on the odd occasion. It’s just that sleeping independently all night every night isn’t something they have mastered yet…

    More than ever I feel that parents need support and knowledge in this area if for no other reason than to stop blaming themselves if their little ones aren’t great sleepers.

    When I first started out as a night nanny back in 2000 sleep training your baby was the in thing.

    Gina Ford was all the rage and getting babies to sleep through the night as fast as possible was the goal. Before I became a mum myself I didn’t