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  1. Case Study. The Grumpy Kid Self Settling To Sleep.

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    case study_ the grumpy kid & self settling

    My most challenging cases have always been the cases I've learnt the most from.   This case study was not actually from my work as a night nanny but from my day job so to speak. I was working as a member of management at a Day Nursery and was in charge of the Baby Unit. Names have been changed.

    Background info
    Baby Victoria aged 10 months old, At fulltime nursery and needs to be held and rocked to  fall and stay asleep both at naptime and overnight.

    I met baby Vicky when she was 7 months old, a gorgeous little girl with a passionate fiesty spirit. Vicky was a  quiet observant little girl but if she was upset boy did we know about it. Her personality/ temperament type was The Grumpy Kid to a T, particular, observant ,tactile,thrives on routine doesn’t cope well when they can’t anticipate whats happening next . Vickys mum had recently returned to to work and up until heading  back to work had been babywearing & breast fed  Vicky on demand.

  2. SoundCloud Podcast - How do i get my baby to sleep through the night?

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    Hello Lovely Mums and Dads 


    I hope you are well and getting as much sleep as possible!!

    Listen to my latest podcast 

    How do  i get my baby to sleep through the night?


    Have a listen, share with your friends and comment below and tell me what you think?

  3. SoundCloud Podcast! What Kind of Sleep Coach Am I & Crying and your baby/toddler

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  4. No Need To Fear The Tears

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    dont fear


    No Need To Fear The Tears.

    I have a Facebook group of loving caring mums and dads with babies and toddlers who struggle to sleep.

    Over the last few months, conversation in the group has been brief but when discussion has arisen a common theme other than sleep often appears. The topic of crying.

    I’m pleased to say that within my group a lot of the mums adopt a more gentle approach to sleep shaping.

    I personally don’t believe in sleep training babies or toddlers


    I don’t use the words “sleep training” in reference to