Drowsy But Awake? A letter of love for a tired mum.

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Drowsy But Awake-


Dear tired mum. 

If  the way your baby or toddler is sleeping right now is getting too much, i want you to know that i understand.

It’s not going to last forever but perhaps the thought of carrying on like this for another night is all too much.

I’m a mum too and although my daughter is now a teenager i work nights as a night nanny so i understand how sleep deprivation feels even now. 

I can’t speak for you but for me not only am i tired i’m also feel overwhelmed emotional and have even been known to burst into tears  over what seems trivial to others. I’m not looking for sympathy, my sleep deprivation is self inflicted. I’m tired because of the work i love to do. Thats giving tired mums the chance to get a full night sleep  AND helping them shape their little ones sleep habits. 

One thing i know that when you are so tired the thought of trying to change tactics or new  spending hours trying to settle a “drowsy but awake” baby fills you with dread. 

Can i just say that whenever i’ve tried to settle a “drowsy but awake” baby they always bloody woken up!!

You’ve probably read a good few books, been to a workshop maybe and  are most probably on the right path to sound sleep but something isn’t working because neither you or your little one are very happy right now, and sometimes its the smallest or simplest of things that makes all the difference.

The mums i have worked with 121 in person have usually just given birth and so in my work with newborns and babies under six months my goal is NEVER to get them sleeping through the night asap but to foster a love of sleep. The end product of which is a thriving and happy baby  thats a great sleeper and a happy confident mum too. 

I applied the same principals with my own baby and had her sleeping through the night by 8 weeks, I didn’t sleep train her at all, i just worked with her cues and nurtured a few habits and she’s loved sleep ever since. 

I’ve shared those same simple skills to many mums  with babies and toddlers, and they've all seen results.  

The sleep deprivation doesn’t have to last any longer, it is possible for you to get more sleep.

I promise you.

And if you need help or support message me.


Much love and sound sleep


Charmaine x


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Charmaine Walters is a mum, night nanny, infant sleep coach and the creator of The Soundly Sleeping Club. Her online resource and members club for sleep deprived parents. To learn more about The Soundly Sleeping Club and how joining can help you not only get more sleep but help you better understand why your little one can struggle with sleep at times (and what you can do about it!) click here