Why Your Baby Sleeps Restlessly alone but Peacefully & Happily When They're With You

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Have you ever noticed that your baby or toddler will sometimes struggle with sleeping by themselves but when you go to pick them up and cuddle them or bring them into bed with you they sleep soundly.  Have you noticed that sometimes when you rock or cuddle your baby to sleep and allow them to snooze on you for a bit before you settle them into their own bed or cot,  while they may not wake up immediately after you out them down ( although that does sometimes happen) they way they sleep is not as peaceful or contented as when they sleep on you or with you?

I find that sometines no matter how old or young your baby or toddler is they just sleep happier when they are with you.  This meme i saw a few weeks ago on instagram seemed to sum it up perfectly.


 This is why your baby sleeps so well when they’re with you! They love you so! To them, mummy is their whole world, their safe place, their bestest friend, their peace & comfort when it’s all too much & their place to snuggle & relax.

They spent 9 months growing inside of you, getting to know your voice, your smell hearing your heartbeat. They feel secure and trust you, so of course they’ll get the best sleep ever when they are with you.

They won’t need your help to sleep forever (I’ve never seen any 9, 11 or 15 year olds who need rocking to sleep) So snuggle away!

Cudlling or feeding your baby to sleep IS NOT a babd habit & doesnt mean they'll always need you to do so to get them to sleep. You can’t spoil them by giving them what they need when they need it.

That’s actually how you teach them to sleep more & more independently. When you give them what they need when they need it, thats's what builds trust and secure attachment & connection. An anxious child will struggle to fall asleep but a child who knows mummy is there for them, when they need you & is secure in that knowledge will sleep when they are tired, so cuddle to sleep, feed to sleep or co sleep away if thats what suits you and your baby!


tHinking about ‘maybe’Sleep training your baby....._