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  1. Read This If You Would Like Some Help and Support To Improve How Your Baby or Toddler Is Sleeping?

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    Read this if you Would like some help and support to improve how your baby or toddler is sleeping?



    Is feeling more confident as a mum,and connected with your baby or toddler but also getting more sleep a priority for you and your family.


    Have you been struggling to manage your little ones unpredictable sleep habits for a while and starting to feel exhausted overwhelmed and a little (or a lot) inadequate?

    Why not join us in The Soundly Sleeping Club.

    The Soundly Sleeping Club is my online group program designed for mums just like you.

    I created the club to support, empower  amazing but tired mums like yourself and share with you the norms of infant sleep and development & how you can teach your little one to be amazing little sleeper.


    You’ll feel confident, empowered, supported hopefully well rested & less tired and most importantly you’ll have  a stronger connection with your little one.

    ⚫️You might have a cat napper who sleeps for 30/45  mins and wakes up.


    ⚫️Or a bedtime battler who resists sleeps then passes out and wakes up at the crack of dawn raring to go


    ⚫️Or you may have a little one whom you know is terribly tired yet struggles and fights sleep and wakes up frequently overnight unhappy but just can't or won't sleep.


    ⚫️Or perhaps you have a little one who sleeps soundly in bed with you but refuses to sleep happily anywhere else. And you want your bed back!!


    Soundly Sleeping Club members who sign up This April will receive: 

  2. Where Do I Begin? How To Change Your Little One's Sleep Habits.

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  3. Missing Sleep Cues? Here's What to do!

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    I often talk about knowing your little one's sleep cues especially the early ones so that you can avoid overtiredness. Overtiredness can make it realy difficult to settle our little ones to sleep. Crying, meltdowns and tantrums are later cues of tiredness your little one might display but by the time they are crying they may already be too tired.

    So how can you recognise those early signals of tiredness? What do they look like?

    Early signs of tiredness can vary from  baby to baby. Your baby or toddlers signs may be completely different to another childs. Common early signs of tiredness can be sudden loss on interest in interacting with you, pulling their ears or rubbing their noses or faces.

    A great way to familiarise yourself with your own baby or toddlers early sleep cues or signals is to look at the average time your baby can be awake before needing to rest and sleep, ( the table below displays the averages) then around the end of that time pay close attention to your little ones behaviour and see what you notice. Do this a few times a day over a couple of days? What do you notice? the things you see them repeatedly do again and again before the more obvious signs of tiredness are your babies early sleep cues.

    When you notice those early signals begin the wind down process. Get them prepared for a nap, in a nice dark and quiet room or place, usuing white noise if necessary. In a few days you will notice your baby falls asleep  more quickly and easily and with a lot less resistance.



    Watch a live stream i hosted on the topic over on Periscope Here


    To learn about overtiredness, self settling and more Join The Soundly Sleeping Club today learn more here