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    When I’m meeting clients and their babies for the first time and they find out I’m a mum too the first thing they naturally want to know is how old my daughter was when she “slept through the night” and how I did it.

    Missy was 8 weeks old when she slept through the night for the first time, and she has slept through the night, every night ever since. She’s now 12 years old but I remember those first few months with her at home as if they were literally yesterday.


    I had my daughter in my early 20s and I had been a night nanny for about 3 years,   so had no fears or worries when I found out I was expecting a baby as you........

  2. I seriously have a dislike for the term expert!

    I shudder whenever anybody introduces me as a sleep or baby expert, im just not comfortable with it.  They say to be able to call yourself an expert you should have 10,000 hours experience in a role. Well I think after 15 years of working with babies overnight I've definitely clocked up the hours, but i feel like despite my NNEB training, many  courses and many years experience there still lots for me to learn and lots that i dont know, not to mention new developments in babycare over the years. 

    I prefer the title advisor (if i really must label myself at all) I know a lot about babies in general but until and unless I get to meet or work with you I don't actually know YOUR baby. And i feel like a parent is the only expert a baby really needs.

    Sometimes that expert needs training and......